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July 2022


(july 14th)

What is the bug? The Bug is Betrayal. Betrayal Bugs you! To Alchemise it The Soul becomes the Bug and turns it back into consciousness! The Betrayal is sourced in your feet and breaks your earth connection. All your betrayals done to you lie on the floor around your feet! This destroys the Thyroid for starters. Without your Earth connection you can not discharge the energy from the Electro Magnetic fields. That burns the body out destroys the body and makes dead brain cells! 

To heal the pain. Say I channel the pain through the copper rod into the Soul. Omnipotent I known so! When you heal this phenomena your eyesight returns to its original natural state, because the electromagnetic fields are earthed like lightening and the cataracts will dissappear. Also resulting in Lifting the veils! Omnipotent I know so! Channel it through the copper rod into the Soul. Omnipotent I know so! The Betrayal also causes a dry Throat and Mouth because of a break of the good fellowship between all of us! The energy of pain is Betrayal. Massive Betrayal on you for not exposing the truth in the mass media. Remember when you get the Truth you have resolved half the problem! Now you allow the Devine intervention(soul)to complete the healing! People will deny this! I would like to remind them SOS is Save our Souls! Confirms that we are Soul not mind! (We don’t say Save our minds) so there is the acknowledgement of Soul! 

By not exposing the truth in the mass media and their non committed to the Truth of what is expected and mandated to them is gross travesty of Betrayal, which is a vicious energy of pain that starts the process of destruction on all levels! Including the Betrayal of your fellow citizens to you! 

When you channel this down through the copper rod into the Soul you turn anti ether back into Ether and you close your Omega Sign and Devine intervention takes over and the mass media will pay the price of Betrayal, including their Co perpetrators, because you have closed the Omega sign on Betrayal! Remember the Betrayal they did assisted in killing you by their disinformation. Now their Omega Sign is closed, so what they sow they reap. 



(july 14th)

They get no pain and you accept pain rather than give up your Soul. The issue is that Pain stops us in our tracks and stops us from manifesting our dreams. We are turning Pain into Sound and light. They only make gain by giving Pain. We say no we take Pain and close the Omega sign & untwists the the 8 into 0 and turn the word Pain back into Sound and Light. The Pain button is from , low self esteem, fear, doubt, failure and no composure. Basis of Pain is Hate and rejection! Turning Pain back into Sound and light! They gave up their Souls so they would have no pain. You break Pain, your consciousness is more powerful than thought! 

Sit in the energy of the Pain, untwist the pain. Alchemise the pain. It is the end of thoughts! Thoughts is group agreement!, The whole is Consciousness and you manifest your dreams! Close the Omega sign and you stop the Electro Magnetic fields on pain and their control on pain stops! Now they say that they are Sorry! You say No! Now they are going to be hammered on pain! Every second we are making Consciousness and every second they are losing – when you are concientising! They are hoping when they make pain- you will capitulate. They think the pain will break you and you will capitulate. That is why you have the pain in your body! We also have this pain. They hope the pain will break your picture!- What you are holding on too but your power is the whole and is greater than the sum off the pieces. That is why you will eventually win through. 

The pain came about ,because Clem said They have no redemption! They are past the point of redemption! They can only burn themselves pure now! This was the response they did to his statement! So just sit in the pain and close the Omega on pain. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So we sit in it & close the Omega sign. When we gave them a finite point, they reacted. That gave them the go sign to implement Justice on them, for their atrocities against the Human Race. 

Their response to our statement, shows that they will not capitulate or have remorse for their actions but unfortunately it is not going to work – They say sorry Now but it is too late. What they sow they will reap! Their response to Clemdi was. Give them, the Soul pain! Hoping that we would capitulate but it didn’t work, we built enough Consciousness to accept the pain. Remember their thoughts are turning back into consciousness! And they see what they have done and the bullets of pain is going back to them. Like Neo in the Matrix. He stops all the bullets! They refuse to repent and admit to their wrong doings and continue to attack! 



(july 8th)

Your 5 metals( Gold, Silver ,Copper, Iron & Zinc. ) 
When you connect to your Metals, particularly Copper, because it is Anti microbial and it dramatically assists you to resurrect your dead brain cells and increases the connection with the Soul and changes the individual from Body Mind Soul to Body Soul Mind and deletes the power of AI. All the new Science are affirming this phenomena. 



(july 6th)

Alcohol semi anethises or excessively anethetises the six senses! And you let go of the body. That’s why a low spirit or entity enters the body and takes control, resulting in a violent verbal abuse takes place. The individual is trying to reclaim the body. Resulting in the individual becoming a total alcoholic to maintain a sort of peace by anethetising the body again ! By going exterior to the body. Those entities are called the Tormentors! The subject/individual suffers huge brain damage by this action resulting in increasing dead brain cells! Many drugs do the same results as does duggah! The va#@cc&%$ makes a lot of dead brain cells and puts the Soul in a state it can not heal the body, because it cannot connect to the body , because of dead brain cells and leaves the status Quo in a low vibration! Easy to be manipulated and controlled, because the new status is a status called “Apathy!” Which Henry Kissinger stated at the World Health Organisation event in the 90ies, he stated that “the masses have a herd mentality ” which is Apathy. They go from Body Soul Mind to Body Mind Soul or Mind Body Soul! As witnessed by the Corona saga! Which the 4000 top Physicians and Scientist in Italy stated. “That it was a mass Genocide!” 

So to destroy the individual you must break the connection between the live brain cells and the Soul! The medbeds regenerates the dead brain cells! And the Soul reconnects to the body! The Schuman Resonance confirms the change of conscienceness taking place on the planet, because the dead brain cells are being regenerated by this healing process! Another system , where they created dead brain cells is the Chemtrails. This has been stopped. Water polluted by chemicals is another way of making dead brain cells! Old age is just Dead Brain Cells! Rudolph Steiner said at the turn of the century stated that medicines will be the end of the Soul’s ability to heal the body. One can see this by the latest development in science! Where they now use Omnipotent Eingeneering , which is natural. They are moving away from Drugs. 

The statement That the Truth sets you free is crap! Why? To have a truth you have to have a negative, No Truth or non Truth. A Truth is, “Keep a lie going long enough, it becomes a Truth!” The way back to Paradise is to return back to Body Soul Mind and every Alchemise shift is doing this! Ghandi said ” If one man has the Truth, he is in a majority!, ” He should have said. ” If one man is Omnipotent Soul he is Absolute” and he initiates Devine Intervention! 



(july 4th)

All you need to know is The Mind/Subconscious Mind is anti ether. Anti Ether is E = MC squared, which is energy. It has been alchemised into ether every second. Darkness is 5 X the speed of light and is trying to expand. Ether is 8 X the speed of light it is contracting, closing the Omega into Sound and light!



(july 3rd)

We are working on your issue of pain and it is all Sourced in the 10th construct in Metaphysics, the 10th door of the Kabalah. Words can be numbers but numbers can’t be words. Below numbers is words and words open your Omega Sign in the tree of Knowledge. We are now channeling these words down through the copper pipe back into sound and light. Closing the Omega sign and stopping the Electro Magnetic fields and by closing the Electro Magnetic fields and stopping the pain. The source of all problems is in the 10th construct and is words. So that is your issue at this point in time. People that give you knowledge are part of the materialisation of Dead end and work on the premise of problem solution, problem solution. Its going nowhere. They are a program bringing you to a dead end! So we have come to a new understanding , even better The purpose of Knowledge is that it leads you to a dead end. Bottom picture of Knowledge is A Dead end. (Dead end is Death)and this Dead end spell is broken! So our next session is a dead end. You couldn’t have done any worse than what you have done. Which is finite. Now immediately you stop looking down, what you have done because the finite word is Dead end. You go from off to on because all these people offering you help are part of the Lucerfarian Agent society and they were eating your Ether into anti ether .Read this email over and over until you fully concientise the Alchemise power of this letter and you will Alchemise it and start to alchemise and start to close the Omega sign and turn the words, which are anti ether into ether. The source of all destruction is words, anti ether. War destruction, etc, etc. They call dead end. The point of no return. They are all dying, because of dead end. Eg Cancer. Take Cancer away you see dead end. Accident you see dead end. Love you see dead end. Fortunately you got to the password Dead End before you died. So Lucifer offers everyone. So you won’t have a dead end and if you don’t give your Soul you will manifest a dead end because you will rather take dead end than lose your Soul! So once you have the password you have solved half your problem! And the rest of the alchemise in the letter moves you towards the light, sends you on a journey to full Sound and light. Full omnipotence of the Soul!, No one in the Universe has defined this status of death! People are ridiculous, because they can not embrace this Alchemy power, because they accept Knowledge is the solution to the problem

Bull shit! New Knowledge is the source of new problems! One can see that the state of dead end. No new programs can be created! Now we see the Soul healing coming into power. No one will accept this letter. Can you not see that this letter defines the potency of the Soul of Clem . So as Ghandi said if one man has this omnipotence, he is in a majority anyway! And only the Absolute impossible is possible, because it is omnipotent! 

Your mantra is Dead End. Omnipotent I know so until there is no mass and significance on the word Dead End and the word Dead End has turned into Sound and Light! So get on with your mantra and use your miracle potentencies to heal the universe. That is the highest and the only state of Soul! In the physical plane /hologram Now! After this you return to the Moment. Paradise! Paradise lost.Done! Return to Paradise!

We went from 0 to 10 and closes the Omega sign. Lower than 0 is 10(Tree of knowledge). The constructs go from 0 to 10 and Paradise is in the Moment. (No time! Is The exception to the rule . No Rules & laws).

This is how the Soul got lost and it became a lost Soul! Omnipotent. I Know so. The Soul is connecting to the I . You lost this by. Lucifer said. Give me your Soul and you will have knowledge and chanel this through the copper pipe into the Soul and send it back to Lucifer as Soul and he gets his Soul back!’ 



Copyright by Clemdi




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