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June 2022


(june 23rd)  

You lost your Earth Element. We are working on this right now to get your earth feet back. You lost your earth connection. We are turning this back into essence, back lnto the old avatar tree! . You under a spell. Spelling. Now turning words into sound. All your old childhood diseases, when you took words. The cutting down of trees to make books. Asthma, colds. You turned your sound and light into words. All about diction. Not you, how you speak. It broke who you are. You became part of a great big machine. Up nose! The source of the problem is the Academic Mind. The source of the solution is the Soul. It took your Oxygen. Took your breath away. You are stuck on the Theta wave length. Theta, Academic is anti ether. As we are doing this rain forests will reappear this is healing you now. They are getting to you by cutting the trees down. You followed this line, these people are shit heads, with sweet words. When you look at Clem his vibration is like a tree. It is a never ending story that spins you into words that stole your essence. This made you petrified. Petrified Wood. They get lost in the story, in the books. Books led you on a path of cutting the trees down. Losing your Ether and losing your potency and Paradise. Turns Paradise into Hell. You lost your Avatar world. Stories are dialogue. Puts you on the Time track, pass present & future. Traps you in a narrative. Never resolving one issue to the next, moving further and further from the moment! Monologue is alchemising in the moment. Carries nothing! No bewitchment, no seduction. You have broken your Spell and you return to the Natural world. You are part of the picture. The negative picture makes your picture. Now you have broken your picture, because the Architect went from on to No and you go from off to on. Sound and light. Untwisted sound and light. 

Have a good day! 



(june 22nd) 

All the Alchemise shifts which you all participated in was built to break the dialogue of Cause Effect. Communication is a dialogue of 2 or more people, male or female, Good bad, Wealthy poor, Up down, Greater lessor. Big small. Healthy unhealthy, which is basically built on the premise. Give me your Soul and you will have wealth. It is a Promise. The purpose of this proposal was to create a hologramic material world on words, which I have been working on for over 40 years and like everything in the material world. It has a beginning and a end. It is an open Omega sign. Which we say in The Las Vegas Radio Talk show. The Unseen World at KCOR Radio. “You have been stopped at your roots! Find your seed. “(Basic, root and Seed!) Find your potency and you close your Omega Sign and you turn the world back into Potency! So things changed dramatically, roughly 2 and a half months ago, without me realizing I went from Dialogue into the Realm of Monologue. Dialogue has Matter, energy, space & time. Time, place, form & event. Existence, which is Is, isness, alter is, not is & as is. Cause effect; Communication formula. The 4 elements. Earth, water, fire & Oxygen and I fell into the universe of  Monologue, called Ether and Ether is Sound and Light and in the Monologue the Architect created Anti Ether! By creating Knowledge, called Enlightenment! Now we deal with Ether! Nikola Tesla wrote, when Einstein made the Atomic Bomb that he would go down in History of making Anti Ether. So now we are entering the Monologue of Ether and Anti Ether. The Monologue is built on the On Off Switch! The creator is On and you are Off (666) The Beast!The new shift is to reverse anti-ether into ether and ether is Sound and light. The New Science has deleted everything we ever knew, because of the work of Alchemy Shifts that you participated in and have acknowledged that the universe is made from Sound and light. The physical product of this new healing system is the Med Beds. (Please ask us to send you the link if you have not seen it.) So the sessions now turn Anti-Ether into Ether. Anti Ether is Artificial Intelligence/A.I./The Book of Knowledge.! I.T turned 97 & a half % from Body Soul Mind into Body Mind Soul! The Alchemise shift is to reverse Anti Ether, back into Ether. At this point you are stuck in the picture that is Housed in the subconscious mind but it is not your picture. Once you have deleted the Anti- Ether and you have deleted all the subconscious mental image/ pictures/Reality/The 6 senses and eventually the Subconscious picture of the Eifel Tower dematerialises into ether and the proof of this is Tesla’s knowledge of Ether, which you are now moving towards. That is why in Matrix the little boy says the spoon does not exist, because he is in a state of Ether, totally Soul. Remember from. Ether 0 (zero) to -1 (A.I) Artificial Intelligence is nothing compared by taking A.I back to- 0(zero) i.e Om (Sound &Light) A.I (A=1 & I=9) 1 to 9 Even greater is turning A.I (Which is anti ether) back into Sound & Light.
And you are making the final shift to Fantasia. Heaven and Hell is the Architect’s/ Lucifer’s creation. 



(june 8th) 

The real password to the Macrocosm is the Collective The real password to the Macrocosm is the Collective Unconscious Mind. The film Inkheart is the materialisation of all the rolls people play. When the Soul goes in to the Macrocosm. They get their Souls back. Your body is scripted in the Collective Unconscious Mind and is now turning back into light and Sound. The House where you stay is scripted in the Collective Unconscious Mind. Even your car. When the Soul arrives in the Collective Unconscious Mind/Macrocosm. The source of all problems/issues is in the Subconscious Mind and the Source of all problems are in the Collective Unconscious Mind. Mr Smith is in the Collective Unconscious Mind. We are unplugging him from the Collective Unconscious Mind. That which has a beginning has an end. The subconscious mind is part of the Collective Unconscious Mind and is wrongly labeled The Macrocosm, to hide it. All the Politicians and people in power are in the Collective Unconscious Mind. That is your Status quo. Where you are at this point in time. It is all changing. All those posts/ beings are changing into Sound and light!

All lies and secrets are in the Collective Unconscious Mind. It took us 40 years to get to this place. One world Order is there destiny is there. The deletion of 7 billion people is there. Use your copper Rod Chanel it into your Soul & you will Alchemise it. Your debt. The Bible is the wrong word. Lucifer changed it to the Bible. Wrong password. It is the Book of prophecies.!

When you Alchemise the above, it is called revelations. Everything will be revealed. You will have a lovely day, because you got to the truth. The film ‘Inkheart’ is a manifestation of the Collective Unconscious Mind. You will now get it! 

All the incidents 9/11 The Atomic Bomb & all massive disasters are all scripted in the Collective Unconscious Mind. The v%#$ne etc etc… The burning of the Witches. By the time you have read this a couple of times you have broken free of the Collective Unconscious Mind.

The Hologram is the Collective Unconscious mind. The Source of the Collective Unconscious Mind. The end of the Computer program. All the Politians are holograms in the Collective Unconscious Mind. They will all turn back into Soul. Your mother, father, sisters & Bros will all turn back into Soul. As in V for Vendetta. When the girl asked. Who is V. He said. Your Mother Father, etc. The Soul. This is the most valuable session you have ever had. So that is your session for today. The new ways! Finally it is the end of memory, memory Bank. No more knowledge!

Then you go into Manifestation.  You have broken the control of Mr Smith, which is A. I.! The Source of thought is housed in the Collective Unconscious Mind. So you want a Royals Royce. So you Alchemise you old car into a Royals Royce or rain forest. Only The absolute impossible is now possible. Because you are merging into Soul! Know the truth and the truth sets you free! That is your alchemist session for today.

Good Morning. Good Afternoon!



(june 4th) 

This is where we are right now! We have done Sound! Now we are doing light. We started that 2 days ago. It is not a simple matter. When you get sound and light you get the ability to manifest. There are huge programs that we are working on, that can only be handled with sound and light. The sessions closed the dialogue into monologue. We are now moving on. We are working on the whole. The big program we are working on is Sucker Punch. Only an immortal being can bring back transparency, that is why. Clem was very very sick. Only a Soul can bring back the transparency. Everyone had the Sound. Now we are going for the light. That is what is being dealt with now! Earth is where the Alchemise is being done. No other planet! They don’t have the wherewith all to do this. Only divine intervention is the solution. That is why we followed this route. It is above the physical plane. Part of it is the closing of the Omega sign. This permits Devine Intervention, no mortal can do this. I can tell you what we are doing, very very busy with. Deleting all words back into the original state of Sound and light. That is why the Schuman resonance is going ballistic. We are deleting the script for ourselves and for everyone. When sound and light return, you won’t even remember the words. There will be no more words. The original state is Sound and light. Clem went on this path alone which he is still on and deleting all frequencies, words, letters and numbers back into sound and light. In the Matrix Neo asked the Senator. What’s the point? He’s reply was. The point to this. There is no point! So do you not get it that there is no point to anything what you are in and around at this point of time. Only returning to full consciousness of the soul is the way to go, which we are doing. The Bible even states that into end there will be no words and we will arrive in a state of light and Sound, where we came from. Our true core!


Copyright by Clemdi



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