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May 2022


(may 31st)  

Today 91st  Alchemy session has been completed, which closes the biologic communication/ dialogue, which is based on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is built on numbers and letters and in order to be connected in; The masses have sold their souls for A.I & closing the Omega Sign has ended the power of Artificial Intelligence and alchemizing Artificial Intelligence back into Soul.

·      Closed Omega sign is from 360 degrees to 361degrees.
·      Everyone is leaving the realm of Cause Effect (Pieces) into the realm of the Whole 361 degrees.
·      From knowledge (Mass & Significance) back into Sound & Light.

The modern Science acknowledges the old system was based on Hypothesis and Theory of Relativity which is E = MC squared, which is 5 = 22, which is a lie and illogic’s.(E=5 M=13,
C squared = 9).

That is the breeding of illogic’s into our system.  That was the fundamental illogic’s of what the system was built on. How can 5=22! The basis of a circle is premised on 4X 90 degrees = 360 degrees. From Alpha to Omega is 1 to 360 degrees. It is a non-Absolute! What it didn’t include is the 0 degree. It is much like a cake. 360 you have all the ingredients, sugar, flour, eggs etc. etc. etc. & you add the Baking powder, the Oven and it adds up as a nice Christmas cake. – No connection to the individual components! The Alpha to Omega represents and is the symbol for Artificial intelligence. Problems, Solution, Problems, Solution, Problems Solution! That is how you create AI. Artificial intelligence started with 1. It had a beginning and it came to an end, because after billions of years, no more new technology could be formulated. In fact, Souls gave up their Souls for knowledge. The Architect/Lucifer said Give me your Soul and I will give you Knowledge (A.I) because he could not create any more A.I. out of Soul, making the Soul believe in knowledge, by giving up their Soul. The Reverse vector has come into play. From whence all things began, they will return! It is the end of numbers and letters. ‘In the beginning was the word!’ & that is why time has sped up going towards zero point!(0) That is why we have 5G. So the Soul turns 5G back into Soul and it closes the OMEGA Sign and 5 G is in the process if destroying itself. That is Omnipotent Soul, what Paradise is! We are letting go of the artificial reality, built on knowledge, back to the real world of Closed Omega. OM SOUND.
From Dialogue Cause effect to Monologue. A world with No laws, No rules as stated in Matrix 1. The collapsing of computers because of the speeding up of time is bringing on the end to all of computer systems. There is no shortage of computer chips. The probe is that they are beginning to malfunction as the Omega Sign is closed finally and that is the best kept secret, that they always have a hidden purpose. They always hide everything from you-that is A.I runs them/The robots. This is all finished and we are returning to Paradise. Our DNA structure is turning back to Sound & Light! We have now entered into the changeover from dialogue, open Omega sign 360 degrees to monologue- Sound! Of Sound Mind! to 361 degrees to break the genetic entity program. These are some of the programs that I had to walk through e.g. Heart Attack and experience a full blown heart attack to the power of everyone. To give you an idea of this experience is when they use those electrical pads that jump start the heart. It was a phenomenal experience. I died for a moment and I got through to the other side, because the soul is absolute! This is all programs to be found in the Genetic Entity Program. That was the end of The Heart Attack Program to the power of everyone program, turned back into Soul /Sound & Light. The next one I had was Cancer. This is a program in the Genetic Entity. That was bad and I was very sick, the worst was still to come! Even worse than that was Chemo Therapy. The treatment, once I was on this new track, I realized that I would have to travel alone on this journey, to continue the journey back to Paradise. There was no way to continue to lead my life as it was before as opened and the Alchemy sessions had run their course. I had reached the reality of “Only the Absolute impossible was possible! What does this Mean? Only the Absolute impossible is Possible is attainable by the Soul! The Architect created a Spell called “In God we Trust!” So they gave up their Souls “For in God we Trust!” So Give me your Soul and in God we Trust. This means!

·      You go from 0(zero) to +1 and because you give up your Soul you lose your oxygen & Fire element. You go from +1 to 0(zero) & then from 0(zero) to -1.
·      The Architect goes from 0(zero) to -1. He embraces the 2 elements, Fire & Oxygen and goes from -1 to 0(Zero) to +1
·      The status quo becomes. He is positive (cause) and the masses are always negative (Effect).  

So you accept his product of Artificial intelligence until Alchemy finally and recently broke the status quo. When they regained their Oxygen and Fire Element! They broke the spell of being under materialism laws that is the Architect’s creation. Gamma Rays!  The Soul can no longer be the effect of Gamma Rays, because the Omega sign is closed.

There are 8 Constructs

1.Past, 2.Present, 3.Future, 4.The Now, 5.The Moment, 6.Purpose, 7.No Purpose, 8.Hidden Purpose. 

1) PAST: Is to lock you in the past; is found  & connected to Memory.

2) PRESENT: Relativity. Energy E = MC Squared


4) THE NOW is Square One. Past, Present Future and The Now puts you in the BOX.

5) THE MOMENT is Toxicated. Access is denied, when you are in the Devine Consciousness, Omega is Closed in a state of Omnipotence.

6) PURPOSE is Materialism.

7) NO PURPOSE. Once you go from Soul to No Purpose, to a Spirit, you are lost and you go to Paradise Lost!

8) HIDDEN PURPOSE. Hidden purpose is where you are put in a very low status, through vaccinations, frequencies Tone 440. And this gives you low self- esteem, fear, doubt, failure & No composure. The best way to describe this is you are “A Walking Time Bomb!”

All these constructs have a closed Omega Sign and we enter the Moment! The Whole! – A Monologue; which the Universe is now emerging into. The best way to describe it is a Beethoven’s Symphony and every one of us is an instrument, part of the OM Sound and we now enter back. The Return! “You have been there and back again!” LORD OF THE RINGS, The Hobbits! And we regain PARADISE! – Sound and Light! As scripted in the Twinkle of an eyelid! The Affirmation in the Physical plane is the song The Sounds of Silence and the Song IMAGINE! These songs were channeled from the Soul into those Artists as an affirmation of what was to come and Now it has arrived! Earth, No matter what different people’s opinion is. Peoples of Earth were the resolution of the Matrix. You and Me and all the people who participated in the Alchemise Journey, delivered the resolution. We never began the War, We never built the Matrix. We ended the War! By alchemizing the Matrix back into Soul! Omnipotent! 


Copyright by Clemdi



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